Saturday, April 19, 2008

New lambs!

New lambs!

They are always so much fun to watch. They scamper, jump and have lamb races. This time the yearling has been joining in with her new baby - - racing and jumping with the lambs or calling and scolding him for leaving her side.

This year it is clear that our flock has inherited some spotting genes along with the modified color gene - - very evident in the yearling’s ram lamb. His fleece is no where near as dark as the black lambs. I was also pleased that my efforts at getting a finer colored fleece paid off.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


Fred wanted a head band with the name of his favorite mount to wear to SCA events so I wove Harley Davidson phonetically in runes (Younger Futhark) on the band.

I used white 60/2 silk from the Stringpage for the background and black crochet cotton for the pattern. The fine red lines are 20/2 red silk.
Not sure why, but I was unsuccessful at keeping the width even in the lettering. There was no trouble keeping the width even in the pattern. The pattern is from the files of the band_snoddar yahoogroup and is equally handsome in reverse.