Thursday, May 28, 2015


The old house that my husband’s ancestors built is being remodeled. We took some photos of the original post and beam underpinnings of the oldest part of the existing house.  The original dimensions seem to be around 20’ by 30’ with the longer side facing the road.  We have an old photo of the house, dating probably to the early 1900’s.

My husband’s great-great grandfather, Jonathan Hatton bought land in Lords Valley in 1853, shortly after arriving from England.  He later sent for the rest of his family and moved to the farm.  There is no way of knowing whether there was a log cabin they lived in first, but soon there was a large bank barn and the ox barn directly across from the house.  When we moved to the farm in 1980, both barns were still standing and housed our first livestock.
HOOPSKIRT for a cherry tree?  This is my craft project for the week. This is a bunch of nylon tulle attached to a hula hoop.

Several years ago we bought a Carmine Jewel cherry tree and this year it is loaded with fruit.  We bought a plastic owl, but I was so entranced with the idea of having cherries I wanted to do more to keep the birds from eating them.  The cherries are supposed to have a brix of between 14-17 - - not as sour as sour cherries.  They sound wonderful.  So now we just wait for them to ripen.