Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Norwegian sweater body done!

Well there are several mistakes - - a reindeer whose head needs some duplicate stitches and the thing with the pattern above the reindeer not being centered, but the sweater I was copying has a similar problem. The pictured sweater is in Annemor Sundbo's Treasures from the Attic.
Now to try and knit the sleeves!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Norwegian Sweater

I found this pattern in Annemor Sundbo’s book Treasures from the Attic. She owned a wool recycling factory and rescued wonderful old sweaters from the ragbag, salvaging the patterns. I love the reindeer!

Heartstrings Hanging Vines scarf

This is another attempt at the Heartstrings Hanging Vines pattern. I like the pattern very much and made fewer mistakes in this one. It was my first time working with laceweight. The laceweight is from Knitpicks.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Heartstrings Hanging Vines Shawl

My friend, Audrey, gave me this gorgeous cone of 2/28 merino and I am not a weaver and kept thinking -- what if I ply it on itself? Upshot, I plied three strands together and then plied two strands of the three-ply together in the opposite direction. This is my first major lace project and it is FULL of mistakes, but I learned a lot from it. Also learned that I don't think I like laceweight yarn at all!

One photo is of the wrong side of the shawl being blocked. I used dental floss threaded through the points on the edges and safety pins to keep the dental floss tight.