Thursday, March 19, 2015

Winter's End in Sight

Winter was very long, but not unproductive, but that is the good part about winter.
We had several visits from beautiful foxes that I thought I had been hearing at night mostly during the summer, but never seen before this.

I got some paintings done and dyed some silk for a beautifulcowl

I have some more tussah dyed and drying for another one.  Before that I used some handspun that I had blended from Finn wool, tussah silk and kid mohair for a lovely shawl.  It looks nothing like the pattern photo, but that is because my yarn is heavier.

  Most of the amaryllis blossomed, but still waiting for a couple of them to blossom. 

It is almost time to start peppers and tomatoes.  I want to try a new cross between Brandwine and an Italian heirloom tomato.  Brandwine will get its usual place in the garden though.

We both loved the Diana Gabaldon Outlander books.  I even read most of them twice – not something I EVER do.  Now while waiting for her next book to come out we watched the first season (hopefully of many) Starz Outlander series and right away noticed the “time-traveling” knitted garments the characters are wearing, and had to make the Clair Capelet .  I unraveled a sweater that I had spun the yarn for in my early days of spinning.  The yarn was beginner-thick, but I am very pleased with the results just finished this week.  I changed the pattern some and see now some other changes I would have liked to have made - - if I could go back in time!


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Blogger Patti Shreiner said...

The capelet looks great, as does all of your work, and it is still cool enough to wear it!

7:44 PM  

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