Saturday, January 21, 2012


Cyndy gave me a gorgeous skein of silk and merino blend that she had spun so fine that - for a while - I was actually terrified of trying to knit with it.

Eventually I did find a simple pattern and started it a few weeks ago on size four needles.

At first it was so scary,it was all I could do to finish one row and pearl back without taking a break. But yesterday when eight good friends were here for our weekly spinning-knitting-rug hooking- and coffee and desserts- get-together, I was able to knit the pattern without any mistakes or need to un-knit. The previous week I had spent more time undoing my knitting than getting anything done.

This gorgeous plum/rust/fuchsia roving just came back from the mill. It is a somewhat longer staple and not as fine as some of our Finn wool, but very pretty. It is available in our etsy store or direct from us.