Saturday, November 13, 2010


Debbie Van Orden wove this awesome Whig Rose overshot set of four placemats and a table runner as her first project ever on a loom. Debbie also just picked up spinning. She plied yarns to make the pattern warp for her project. She did it on a four harness LeClerc Artisat loom. Debbie got the project done in record time too and with selvedges that make me jealous.

Greta Allman Lane gave her instructions and help warping the loom. Greta also got me started weaving overshot, but I had had a four harness floor loom in the past plus experience weaving on my tape looms.

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Metal 8" Structo Loom!

This 8" Structo loom was my birthday present, found in an antique shop locally. It was very grubby when I got it and I had little hope for the warp that was on it. The warp threads that had been threaded through the heddles was rotten.

Luckily the warp on the spool was still strong and thanks to the All_Things_Structo yahoogroup, I found Mary Meigs Atwaters pattern drafts in the files section and immediately set to work warping the Whig Rose/Lover’s Knot pattern. The weaving goes very quickly. Having a wonderful time especially since it came with its sectional warp spools with a fair amount of warp on them!