Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Merry Christmas!

I love Christmas.  No bah-humbug, for me.  I love all the decorations although it is a lot of work. 

Our Christmas tree tells a story of our family and friends.  The ornaments include some old glass ones given to us by Fred’s mother and others she made for us in the years she was still well enough to do things like that.  We miss her. There are a few designs made of thin wooden strips that I put together in Germany well over 35 years ago. Some straw figures and yarn eyes-of-God came from Mexico when we lived in El Paso in 1979. Fred’s aunt made some sweet elves we still have which makes us miss her when we see them.  There are at least five motorcycle-themed ornaments.  Fred turned the gorgeous wooden ornaments over the years. Then there are woolly sheep I made more recently.  There are wonderful pieces that were presents from friends and family, including some made with great care by our friends.  And then there are many that were made in China!

Last year I found some lovely Swedish straw stars and other figures on ebay that I had to have.

Our Christmas village is very tiny, but I love it. Many of the little horses and their attendants are from my collection of Britains lead and plastic farm figures. The two ceramic houses and some of the people are from my Mom’s collection, handed down to me when she passed away last year.  We miss her as well.

 Some things are baked already, just no cookies yet.  There is still time.  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!