Saturday, February 05, 2011


Today I assembled and tied a quilt top that was given to me about a decade ago by an elderly woman. I don’t remember if she said made it herself or if she inherited it.
It is made of two inch squares - - some of which are pieced together to eke out the bits of fabric.

The fabrics came from worn out clothing or maybe even feedsacks and possibly date from the depression or even earlier. This is the same family that was the source of the two boy’s diaries from 1876 I transcribed.

While working on the quilt, I was listening to CNN this morning about how a family could thrive on one income and it suggested making coffee at home and using coupons. I rarely see coupons for stuff we use. Mostly coupons are for prepared foods or snacks. I have never ever seen one for a bag of flour.

Tonight we are having homemade flour tortillas.