Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The Kubota is my friend now. I am trying to practice with it every day so I will be able to use it to clear snow in another month or so.  So far I am just moving soft dirt from one place to another to fill up holes in the lawn on level areas.  But today I attempted some landscaping or more literally in this case “lawn-scraping” as my mother-in-law used say.

There was a hump in the lawn next to a dip.  Now there is an area of disturbed or maybe better said “perturbed” ground which I will smooth out with hand tools.  And hopefully it will all be smooth when it is finished.

My son and his family came from D. C. to visit on the weekend while the furlough was going on.  Dave, who normally sports a neatly trimmed beard, along with several co-workers decided not to shave for the duration.  Here he is looking like he is auditioning for Duck Dynasty.


Blogger cyndy said...

Glad to see you are learning a new skill, but I sure hope you won't have to use the Kubota much this winter... (hopefully, we won't have too many snow storms that dump on us!)

7:01 AM  

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