Saturday, December 19, 2009

Which is which?

Which is the real maiden and which is the repro? Fred was asked to recreate the missing maiden. It took a couple of tries, but the results were worth it.

The maidens are from a lovely Scandinavian wheel owned by a Ravelry member of the antique spinning wheels group.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Finishing the last presents

The last presents are finished. I made a version of the amazing Queen Silvia into a scarf (minus the scary X-thingies where you knit five together three times and yarnover twice all into the same stitch – I think!). It was pleasant to knit (Knitpicks glace) even though it was only my second try at lace-weight knitting. The photo isn’t very good. I snapped it just before packaging it and getting it into the mail without checking to see if the photo was okay.

The hat – requested by my grandson – was made of Knitpicks swish worsted with a hand dyed orange band. I am not into orange so didn’t want to buy a WHOLE skein of orangeness. The green/blue thing is going to be a glasses case for my son who has discovered that his arms are too short for reading. It is my Faux-Isle pattern (Aug 07 archive) which is always fun. It just needs to be hemmed at the top and the lining sewn in.