Monday, October 19, 2009


This year the weather was a lot cooler for Rhinebeck, but that made the cappuccino all the more enticing once we finally got to it. Before we ever got to Rhinebeck, we had to detour to Red Hook to view a pristine W. Hopkins saxony with the terrific chip carved detail.

The featured breed was Lincoln Longwool with luxurious lustrous locks.

We got to meet the Tsocks Tsarina of the Ravelry Antique Spinning Wheels group. She had a couple of questions for Fred about two of her wheels.
Also met Jesh who we also “knew” from the Ravelry group. The reason Jesh’s neck is all scribbly is because she has only recently submitted the pattern for release and it isn’t out in public yet. It was a lovely thing, but you’ll just have to wait for it.

As usual I had to get pics of the horses. I think one will do for a painting. This is what came of the photos of the black team of horses I took at Goschenhoppen.

We paid a visit on the way home to the Beekman Inn for lunch rather than brave the cold winds at the vendor stands.