Thursday, April 01, 2010


There are actually four small looms in this photo. The fourth is at the bottom of the photo. The knitting needle I was using as one end of the back strap loom fell out on the floor and only the other dowel at the end near me can be seen.

I am following the excellent tutorial created by Laverne on her blog. You can also read about her backstrap weaving on Weavolution and Ravelrygroup – Backstrap Weaving.

So basically three of the four looms I use with a backstrap. I blogged about Laverne’s tutorial on how to set up the backstrap loom and weave your own backstrap in January. I had several false starts mostly due to faulty warping, but learned lessons in the process. My friend Greta lent me her warping board and that helped a lot.

This is my first foray into weaving on the inkle loom. This one was handed down to me and has no built-in tensioning system, but a pile of books works.