Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Took time out yesterday from getting ready for EndlessMountains Fiber Festival to go pick blueberries in Herrick, PA.  Lovely drive and loads of blueberries.  Many thanks to Judy for the tip. We came home with about 17 quarts that are now in the freezer waiting for pie crust.

I finally found a better way to display the crochet hooks and doffer pins.  But now it's back to sanding and sanding and sanding weaving shuttles.

Monday, August 04, 2014


The last of the roses have bloomed - - this one climbed into the apple tree to escape the four legged horned predators. 

The Revolutionary War Reenactors put on a terrific show nearby recently.  They were here about three years ago, but I didn’t get to see the drills that time.  Washed out after checking out the suttlers.

July is past and we’re having the first ripe tomato in a salad at dinner tonight.
The black raspberries are finished and I have two gallons of seedless pulp and juice in the freezer ready to turn into jam. The black berries are just starting to ripen.
I put a quart of basil pesto in the freezer and want to process some parsley butter this week. I pulled the last of the Romano bush beans a couple of days ago.  Someone online had described an easy way to pick bush beans for folks with arthritis: pull up the whole plant and then in a comfortable seat on the porch, pick the beans off the plants.  Works great!
The broccoli has been amazing this year.  Still getting lots of it and am freezing that.  It’s time to start picking and pickling some beets and the summer squash just started bearing.

Some friends and I spent an afternoon dyeing wool and yarn.  I had a skein of fingering – wool and silk and one of dk weight orange and tan-colored- that I wanted to overdye.  The wool and silk one is in shades of blue and I don’t know what you would call the other skein, but I am happy with it.  I dyed very small sections of the pre-soaked and then wrung out skein using Jacquard dyes applied drop by drop with a syringe and was very pleased with the results.