Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Farnham great wheel

This Farnham great wheel is for sale.  Both the wheel head and the table are signed and were purchased together about 50 miles from Owego, NY.
 The NewarkValley Historical Society has loads of info on these wheels and the Farnham family.  Bill Ralph wrote that finding a signed wheel head on an original Farnham wheel is pretty cool.

It seems odd to us that this great wheel has a pine rim which has required some repair.  Fred had to reinforce a break in the wheel with a glued in piece in back of the rim.  Plus there was a split that had to be reglued.  There is also evidence of an older repair to a split.  The wheel would be fine to spin on at home, but the rim, since it is made of pine, would not be one we would recommend taking to a lot of demos.

Asking $450


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