Friday, July 27, 2012


Two broods of baby turkeys graced our yard before the recent rains.  It had been so dry.  But then we got several major rain storms so things are starting to green up again.  The male turkeys stop to argue with their reflections in the truck's bumper.

The sheep took advantage of the rain to graze when the bugs wouldn’t bite them.  Their wool got soaking wet. When they had had their fill they went back into the shed where the dirt was still dry and dusty.  And they did what sheep do before they lie down.  They pawed and dug at the dirt and it cascaded all over the wet wool! They are out in the other field this week with no shed getting rained on and washed off.
The summer squash has been going insane.  Tomatoes are ripening and the beets are glorious.  I put up some pickled beets and usually have a jar of refrigerator pickled beets on hand.
I made these funny little bags for my teenage granddaughters and niece.


Blogger bspinner said...

Leave it to a male to admire a reflection of himself.

12:25 PM  
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