Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Yesterday I picked broccoli and will get the kale and parsley today. We cleaned the barn and in a few days we are supposed to have our first snow.

We found a tiny kitten in the barn, hungry and grateful for food. Then his mom came and got him back. He is very adventurous and must have followed her and maybe fallen asleep or been playing in a little corner when it was time to go home. Fred found where the litter was living and got the kitten back plus his little sister for company. If they stay this time, we will get them spayed and neutered and keep them.

The sheep are all shorn and I washed and dyed most of their fleece. The blue is a blend of Jacquard Acid dye colors including spruce, turquoise and sky blue. The warm shades are russet (which to me seems more like salmon), brown and vermillion. The Finnsheep roving was carded by Pufpaff’s fiber mill in Michigan. The roving is for sale for $3.50 per ounce or $24 for 8 ounces plus shipping. There is only one pound left of the blue roving. There is over two pounds of the warm colored roving.


Blogger cyndy said...

Gorgeous fiber!

Love the video of your Finnsheep with their bells ringing in the background! So peaceful! wonder the kittens want to move in!

9:26 AM  

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