Wednesday, August 24, 2011


It’s almost time for Endless Mountains Fiber Festival again Sept 10 and 11 in Harford, PA! Harford is just off I-81 north of Scranton, PA.

Here are a couple of beauties we will be bringing to this fun show. The first is a PA German wheel with the typical sliding tension and sturdy, very wide rim. It was in great condition when we found it - - except that someone had tried to make it into a lamp and drilled out the mother of all. The maidens were also missing. Fred made new ones and it spins like champ.This one is nearly identical to the one on page 20 in Pennington and Taylor and came from north central PA as far back as we could trace it. $500 SOLD

The second one is probably a marriage, but a very happy one! The wheel has a single deep groove which is as great for keeping the drive band in place as the extra wide rim on the wheel above. The barrel tension is beautifully turned and looks great with the delicate appearing wheel. This one comes with an accelerator head for $500. SOLD

Riverrim has test driven both wheels, but even mere mortals can spin on them. We’ll also have the double hole rigid heddle looms and several Saxony wheels including a couple of Scandinavian ones.


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