Friday, August 19, 2011

Chroma yarn

A friend was using a strand of Chroma along with some alpaca to knit some great looking socks so I ordered some from Knitpicks.

I guess I was thinking sock yarn, since it is 70% wool/ 30% nylon so was surprised to see that it was a singles yarn. Then it isn't superwash, either so I wasn't about to make socks out of it after all.

Much preferring plied yarn, I added more twist to the fingering yarn I had purchased and then plied two strands together and we were off!

The patterns are a syntheses of Charlene Church's Hat's On! with some ideas from Anna Zilboorg.


Blogger cyndy said...

These hats are so nice!!...and your Finnsheep Wool makes a nice background for the Chroma and also them so soft!

I am in awe of how you are easily working up the patterns ;-)

12:50 PM  

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