Wednesday, June 08, 2011

P. Wood Great Wheel

The P. Wood great wheel has been freed from gobs of drippy, shiny polyurethane and is ready to go - - priced at $500. It comes with a Minor's head and is wonderful to spin on. The spokes are fixed to the rim by wooden pegs rather than iron nails, something we have not seen before. The wooden pegs were shaved flush so that they do not catch the drive band at all. SOLD to Sierra!

Everything is blooming here. The Milford Rose is just beginning to bloom in front of the kousa dogwood. The deeper pink John Cabot rose is in full bloom with the ancient mock orange behind it and the mountain laurel blooming behind that.


Blogger cyndy said...

Your roses are gorgeous!

The wheel looks beautiful...nice work!

10:37 AM  
Blogger tatum said...

What a lovely blog! I do like the dye jobs that you guys did and that is a gorgeous spinning wheel.

2:09 PM  

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