Thursday, June 16, 2011


The mountain laurel is spectacular this year. It fills the woods here and comes right up to the edge of the forest to the flower gardens we planted. But unfortunately so do the bears. This mother with her two yearling cubs saunters up the road next to the fields and our animals on a regular basis.

I knitted a few more squares for the Blankets for Birmingham project, but have been kept pretty busy with the gardens. We have had lots of rain this year which makes everything unusually florific on our sandy glacial till soil. The Milford Rose is a cascade of potent fragrance under the kousa dogwood.

The four ewes have plenty of grass. If you look closely, there is an ear sticking up that belongs to the fourth ewe. The garden has been a challenge to keep weeded. Little more tan half the potatoes came up this year, but the ones that did look great. I planted sugar snap beans around tomato cages this year and they seem pretty happy. The spinach didn't do well and already bolted, but the lettuce is nice.


Blogger cyndy said...

Wow! Those 3 bears look like I would not like to meet them on your road! YIKES!!

Your Milford Rose looks stunning, quite the show stopper :-)

Looking forward to seeing everything IRL soon!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Judy said...

Luckily the bears have stayed by you and Cyndy this year. The fox was bad enough. The garden is strange this year with all the rains. I planted cucs, zucchini and yellow squash and they took along time to come up and still aren't doing much. The corn has done great. The apple trees are loaded and the elderberry bushes look full. My nanking cherries didn't do much and the birds ate what it did produce. Hope we hit a happy medium in temp and rain soon.

7:56 PM  
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