Friday, May 13, 2011


Last week a tiny painted turtle came to visit while we were spinning. Fred found it in the back yard.

According to Wikipedia the fossil record of the painted turtle goes back 15 million years.

We were really worried about this little guy hiking all the way to get to the Shohola or the little tributary nearby so Fred drove it down to the water.

There are lots of creatures who would like to eat it, but at least our chickens didn't get the chance.

If painted turtles could survive millions of years maybe this one will.

This week we dyed fleece, roving, handspun and commercial yarns with Jacquard Acid dyes and food coloring. We hung the results outside.

We also celebrated Greta's 80th birthday will all manner of delicious things.

Patti brought her collection of wonderful antique quilts to show us as well as a couple of her recent pieces including terrific watercolor piece.


Blogger cyndy said...

What a great day!

The cake you made was delicious, and the quilt presentation by Patti was so interesting!

I think Greta had a wonderful birthday party too :0)

ps..the turtle pictures are great!

8:09 PM  

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