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Here are two Norwegian wheels ready to go the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival in September.

The green and black slanty is almost completely original, in its original paint. Each of its bobbins had one end that was damaged so Fred restored those ends, and replaced the hooks on the flyer. The highly ornate wheel is dated 1846 - - presumably by an owner whose initials are also on the table. The 21” diameter wheel is stamped with the makers handsome flourish on the upper end of the table. The style of the wheel is almost identical with three wheels in the collection of the Norsk Folke Museum that come from the area around Oslo. This wheel either came from there or was made in the USA by a craftsman who trained there. The wheel has two “captive rings” – delicate turned rings that are turned with the hub and mother of all, but not attached - that amazingly have survived over a century and a half without any damage. The extra matching bobbins sit on hand-forged pins and have decorative bead turnings on their shafts. A real beauty! Price $575 SOLD

The second gorgeous wheel is a 25” diameter wheel branded JJG. Vesterheim Museum in Decorah, IA has one by the same maker (Acc.73.8.61, Cat.28.A.47), but the one in the museum collection is not in as good condition.

When it came here, it had been slathered early in its history with green/black paint so that alligatored drips clung to the underside of each graceful spoke. There was only one way to return it to its original glory and that was by removing the hideous paint. Underneath all that paint was the makers mark and handsome chipcarving. Price $550 SOLD


Blogger bspinner said...

Beautiful wheels!!!

3:32 PM  
Blogger cyndy said...

Gorgeous wheels!

And as always, superb restoration and craftsmanship by Fred!

11:57 AM  

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