Saturday, August 21, 2010

31" rim CPW and J Platt wheel

Here are two more wheels ready to go to the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival.

The Canadian Production Wheel has an oversized – and not original - wheel measuring just over 31”. Cyndy spun on it and raved about it.
Price $450.

It is tantalizing that a Josiah Platt from Milford, CT married Sarah Sanford in 1758 and they moved to Newtown, CT. The Sanford family originally came from Milford, CT and Sarah is the sister of Samuel who had the spinning wheel shop across from the family homestead in Newtown. Efforts to definitively prove Josiah Platt made spinning wheels have been unsuccessful. Nevertheless the style of the turnings and decorative black banding suggests a relationship.
Price $500


Blogger elizabeth said...

The larger one is beautiful and looks suitable for flax. Is there a distaff?

8:29 PM  

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