Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sun Spots

I check the sun for spots here every few days in hopes that they will come back, bringing warmer weather. The danger is that if they don’t come back soon we could be headed for another Maunder Minimum. It was 13 here over night and it is lambing time. Luckily so far two ewes have lambed during the warmth of the day and we have four new ewe lambs.

So when I told my dearly beloved this morning that there were a couple of minor blemishes - - not exactly spots, but perhaps an encouraging sign, he said he didn't know why I worried about things I couldn't do anything about.Well, if I can't do anything about it, I don't need to feel guilty that I do need to do something - - clean something, give some creature some vitamin or vaccine to prevent something, advise my offspring to avoid some harm, or write some letter to my newspaper or representatives. I can just worry about it with no strings attached.


Blogger Otter said...

Here's hoping it is no worse than a Dalton Minimum.

In the meantime, maybe begin to accumulate what you need to have your lambs birthed in a climate-controlled portion of the barn. We've got a few years before it gets to that kind of cold.

9:15 AM  
Blogger finnsheep said...

I see two options. Lamb later in April or with all the rocks Fred is pulling out of the proposed new vegetable garden site, we make a new world stone henge and figure out what sort of appeasement the sun god would approve of.

9:31 AM  

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