Monday, March 10, 2008


The design for these comes from an early Pennsylvania tape loom pictured in Pennington and Taylor's Spinning wheels and Accessories.
The difference is that in the original there was only one set of holes and far fewer slots. Fred's looms are more versatile and give the weaver more options.
There are three box tape loom versions. One has just a warp beam and is $225 plus shipping.

The other two have both a fabric and a warp beam and one of those has a removable heddle that could be used on its own or slipped into the box for easier storage. The one with the removable heddle just sold so there would be a short wait for that one.
They are $250 plus shipping.
The looms are made of hard maple, finished with Danish oil and measure 15" long, 14 1/2" tall by 7 " wide - - except for the version with only the warp beam which is about 3" shorter.

All come with sticks to keep the warp even as you wind it on.
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Love the one with the removable heddle, what a nice feature!

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