Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Tape looms were used to create trims, ties and fastening options in the days before Velcro, elastic and zippers.

Tape looms were often used to produce a warp faced band. In this country they were sometimes incorporated into a box, equipped with a crank to wind the warp.

I had seen photos of very old tape looms in the collection of the Norsk Folkemuseum click on søk i samlingene and then enter the search term Båndgrind

There is also an article on double hole rigid heddle loom weaving - - but unfortunately no indication of how exactly it was done.

So Fred put more holes in my tape loom……… and made this very pretty tulipwood shuttle for me after designs we found on the Norsk Folkemuseum site.


Blogger cyndy said...

Very beautiful! Looks like you are having fun, I like what you are weaving! Thanks for the links!

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