Monday, October 08, 2007

Finn lambs available

Two of these purebred Finnsheep lambs, born Aug 23 are still available for $185 each and could be picked up on your way back from Rhinebeck Sunday night if your way takes you along I-84 in PA. These are quads, the black ewe lamb from the litter is already sold. There is one ewe lamb and one ram lamb. The other ram lamb is spoken for.

The sire is pictured in the Nov 06 blog archive. The dam is a four year old who had ten lambs last year - - five in the spring and five more in the fall. She has had 21 lambs in four years! I am to blame for her bad haircut.


Blogger Dez Crawford said...

Greetings! Enjoying your blog and your lovely sheep. I am considering purchasing an old wheel I found at an estate sale, reasonably priced. It is missing at least the treadle, footman and spindle.

If I sent you some photos would you be able to help me identify it? I think it may be an Austrian or Hungarian wheel, and it looks VERY old. It has two wheels that easily interchange within the frame, One heavier and one lighter in weight, I suspect that perhaps one is for woolen and one is for linen. Any help would be appreciated!

You can email me at dezcrawford AT hotmail DOT com, substitute the punctuatio of course. :-) Thanks so much!

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