Monday, June 11, 2007


The white rose, (R. spinosissima or pimpinellifoli) Double White Burnet or Scotchbriar,
came to me from the friend who taught me to spin. I went to her with a bag of wool that came with the grade Suffolk ewe who was our first sheep. The wool was full of hay and burs. I asked her what I could do with it and she told me to burn it. She didn’t bandy words or suffer fools. But she got me spinning on a drop spindle and I spun wool from that sheep and knit a hat from it. Eventually through her good graces, I got an Ashford traditional and really started spinning.

The vegetable garden in the background is just over 16’ x 16’ and is way more organized looking than usual. The tomato plants close to the fence are Black Pear tomatoes and further out are Riesen Traube and Yellow Pear tomatoes from my friend Cyndy (

The pink rose is R. glauca that I grew from seed. I ordered the seed and did the stratification thing and then waited and waited and nothing happened. So I tossed it out in a flower bed and was surprised to find seedlings months later. The rose’s foliage is not as dark as another one I grew and gave to a friend, but that is possibly because it is in shade. The eglantine rose with its green-apple-smelling foliage grows right next to the glauca.


Blogger Judy said...

Your roses are beautiful. I have two and they must be extremely hardy because I haven't killed them yet and I know nothing about them except one is pink and the other is a old one from my uncles which is a deep dark red.

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