Thursday, February 23, 2006

Shaker wheel for sale!

Fred just finished restoring this early Shaker wheel. It came to us from Hadley, MA. Dr. Michael Taylor, who co-authored Spinning Wheels and Accessories, indicated after seeing a photo of it that is a very early Shaker piece attributable to the trusteeship of Nathaniel Merrill. The raised initials N. M. (with a backwards “N”) are stamped in the end grain of the table. Nathaniel Merrill was Trustee of the Sabathday Lake, Maine Shaker Community from 1796 to 1806.

The wheel came with a flyer that may be original, but which was too worn to use. Fred made a new flyer with a ¼” orifice. The pitman as well as one part of the treadle was replaced. One of the maidens appears to be an earlier repair. The wheel comes with three custom-made bobbins and is ready to spin for decades more! $450.00 SOLD


Blogger Muller's lane Farm said...

She is beautiful!

I have an old wheel that I wish I find some providence for. What are the chances that the guy that looked at your wheel would be willing to look at photos of the one I have??

(actually have pic SaxonA.jpg through SaxonK.jpg)

5:21 PM  
Blogger Muller's lane Farm said...

Here are the complete photos of my old wheel

Can you help ID???

5:31 PM  
Blogger Helen said...

I think a friend and I are going to cry because we live in the Hadley area and missed that wheel. She's a beauty! Is she still available?

4:45 PM  

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