Monday, October 31, 2005


Fred made a bunch of nostepinnes or yarn winders. They are used to create a convenient center-pull ball.

They are available at our ebay store

A - padauk, a rich red/orange wood

B - mesquite, tan wood with very, very fine dark grain lines

C - cocobolo, a deep dark brown with even darker grain markings, takes an exceptional silky finish

D - red heart, a naturally red-colored wood

E - bocote, an amber colored wood with many narrow dark grain markings

F - bubinga, a chestnut colored wood with wispy graining in dark redbrown

G- kingwood, a tinge of lavender and dark grain

H - tulipwood, a peach colored wood with raspberry grain markings

I - yellowheart, naturally yellow with flashes of chatoyance

J - purple heart, natural deep magenta color (keep out of strong light for best color retention)