Sunday, October 30, 2005

Great wheel for sale

This is a wheel probably made by Joel Baldwin (signed: J B 1147)who worked in Bristol, CT. I'm still working on the research. It seems likely that Old Sturbridge Village may have another wheel by the same maker.

Joel Baldwin's ad was in the Hartford Courant in 1801,

“All kinds of Spinning Wheels and Reels made and repaired by Joel Baldwin of Bristol living on the road from Cambridge Meeting-House to Farmington.

N. B. Two handed wheels are highly recommended to young Women, as they can spin one third faster on them. Bristol, Dec. 15.”

The wheel came from Wolcott, about six miles from Bristol, CT. The wheel is completely original right down to the braided corn husk bearings on the accelerating head. The accelerating head still has part of the original paper label declaring W. R. Byington as the maker. The spokes of the wheel have attractive bead turnings close to the hub. Price $450. SOLD


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