Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Finnsheep are amazing!

Finnsheep come from Finland and are related to Shetlands, Icelandics, Gotland, Romanov and other short tailed Nordic breeds. Finnsheep are noted for prolificacy and out of season breeding.

The photo shows a yearling with her triplets. We helped her feed them with a bottle.

Only about 400 Finnsheep are registered annually by about three dozen breeders in the USA. Their wool is classed in the fine range of the medium-wooled sheep. Micron counts range from about 24 to 29 microns. Finnsheep have high luster wool with a very silky hand. Their wool has less lanolin than most breeds resulting in a 70% yield after washing out the lanolin.

Finnsheep are friendly. They are much larger than Shetland sheep and about the same as Icelandic sheep. They come in all colors of the sheep rainbow, although moorit and fawns are rare in the USA at this time. All colors including piebald and spotted ones can be registered.

Our Finns have bred consistently out of season. This year one of our ewes had triplets in the spring and quads in the fall. Her dam had quints one spring and four more lambs that fall!


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